T minus 11 days

At first, our house was somewhat orderly. Then the movers descended like a swarm of locusts. Chaos reigns supreme! Where DOES all this stuff come from? It gets sorted into piles – garage sale, Goodwill, garbage, bring. Eventually order returns as stuff leaves. Tomorrow what remains of 4,000 square feet of house gets condensed into 400 square feet of shipping container. We are now gypsies, living on the road for most of the next two months until we move into our apartment in Jerusalem. For the big household stuff we have one car sold, one car coming with us, and does anyone want to buy a lovely house in Toledo?

This Shabbat will be our last Shabbat in Toledo. There is a congregational Kiddush honoring me, and I’m honoring 7 people who became Jewish under my tutelage with aliyot. Then on Sunday we hit the road.

Nothing makes aliyah feel more real than having all your stuff packed up in boxes. We’re all excited!

Oh, and watch the Toledo Blade’s religion section on Saturday…they are doing an article on our aliyah.

Reb Barry


Barry Leff

Rabbi Barry (Baruch) Leff is a dual Israeli-American business executive, teacher, speaker and writer who divides his time between Israel and the US.

2 thoughts on “T minus 11 days

  • Stu Gherman

    Looking forward to seeing you , iy”h, on the July 9th flight to Israel with nefesh b’nefesh. I am going with my wife to join our children and grandchildren who have already made aliyah over the past 3 years. Wishing you much good mazel over the next few days…We just went to the Brooklyn Navy Yard this morning at 6 am to watch them pack our crates. It was Amazing!! Shabbat Shalom….Shlomo(Stu) Gherman from Lawrence, New york


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