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 I have a friend I met through blogging, Mo-ha-med of the Traveller Within, who lives in Cairo.  His blog is down now as Egypt has shut down the internet.  However, I captured a cache of his most recent post from January 25 which includes a link to flickr where you can see the pictures.  Since this may be one of the most recent blog posts to get out of Egypt I thought it would be appropriate for me to cross post at least temporarily so people can see it.

Click here to see the pictures referred to in his below post.  

FROM Mo-ha-med of The Traveller Within
I’ll keep it short, and will write a narrative some other time.

In the meantime,

Whatever happens,

Never believe them if they say we lost.

[Media: given that I got several requests to use my photos: all are licensed under a CC license. Feel free to use and distribute, with attribution to Mohamed Al-Rahhal – Also, if you could shoot me an email to tell me where you published them, I’d appreciate it.]

I’ll keep posting on Twitter whenever possible, despite it being blocked…
I’ll always remember this. Thousands crossing Asr El Nil bridge into downtown as soldiers let them through

Demonstrators calling on soldiers to join them

Demonstrator unconscious from tear gas, around 2 AM. We were peaceful. They were violent.

Soldier suffering from tear gas. I wish they’d understand that what hurts us, hurts them to.
Cardboard effigy of Mubarak hanging on a traffic light in Tahrir

More tear gas
Meet Kamel, the day’s youngest demonstrator

Thumbs up!

The “light on the side of the demonstrators” effect wasn’t deliberate – but I like it!

Nice cartoon. Khaled Said vs. Mubarak
No hereditary rule, no torture, no unemployment, no emergency law

Paramedics tent at the demonstration

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