Counting the Omer Day 18: Netzach of Tiferet

tiferet netzachThe aspect of tiferet, compassion, balance, that we explore today is netzach, which is endurance.

It’s easy to be compassionate in a short burst. You can see something that arouses your compassion, do something to help, whether it’s write a check or drop a coin in a box, or provide some physical assistance. Sometimes that may be all that’s needed. But in many cases it takes more than that. Are you able to maintain your compassion and giving, even in the face of problems or issues that seem intractable?

God is a role model for us. God sustained the people of Israel with manna from heaven during forty years of wandering in the desert. That compassion lasted throughout ups and downs, including times when the Israelites perhaps seemed not so worthy of compassion, like when they were on one of their many complaining marathons.

Tiferet is also “balance,” as it’s the balance between chesed (love) and gevurah (discipline) and endurance is also important in balance. Are you able to keep your balance, to maintain your center, even when life throws “challenges” your way? If not, are there things you can do to help you keep your balance? For me, I find exercise is a great way to help keep my balance. I find there’s nothing like a run for getting stress and adrenalin out of my system. To help restore my equilibrium. Cocktail hour is good too. Taking time to stop, pause, have time for yourself, can be great ways to restore your balance…and if you’re going to be compassionate all the time, you need to keep your balance! 🙂


Barry Leff

Rabbi Barry (Baruch) Leff is a dual Israeli-American business executive, teacher, speaker and writer who divides his time between Israel and the US.

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