T-39 Days and Counting

What catches my attention even more than the count of 39 days to aliyah is the fact that it is now less than four weeks until the movers show up on our doorstep. Seriously soon!

I’m feeling in “winding down” mode. Last night I had the last interfaith adult ed class, tonight I have the last Introduction to Judaism class, this Shabbat is the last bat mitzvah, today I wrote my last congregation Bulletin message. We’ve had Confirmation and Sunday school is over for the year. I suppose in about two weeks I’ll be done with feeling “winding down” and will be feeling much more “winding up” for the impending move.

Lauri, on the other hand, is an acquisitive mode … going out and buying stuff that will either be cheaper or easier to get here and throw in our lift than to buy when we get to Israel. They don’t have Target in Israel. Our preparations are coming along well. Lauri has already started her new job, we’re negotiating a lease on a rental place in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem for our first year, so all the pieces are coming together. There was an interesting article in Haaretz (click here to read it) that talks about how many recent olim from America are turning up their noses at Israeli salaries, and doing what Lauri is doing – telecommuting for an American firm and an American salary. I guess we’re part of the new trend. My current plan is to do a couple of different part time jobs – I’m starting an internet based business (focused on Jewish learning – more about this later), hope to do some teaching Torah, maybe get my Israeli instructor certificate and do some flight instruction. If the right opportunity comes along I might take something full time, but fortunately I don’t have to jump at the first thing that comes along.

The only really big thing still hanging over our heads is selling our house. Anyone want a really lovely old house in the Old Orchard neighborhood of Toledo? J


Barry Leff

Rabbi Barry (Baruch) Leff is a dual Israeli-American business executive, teacher, speaker and writer who divides his time between Israel and the US.

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